Here at domicillo, every meal comes with a priceless ingredient. Each guest’s gastronomic experience is heightened by the picturesque scenery. If you’re in the mood for something fresh and local, then La Finca, a ‘farm-to-table’-inspired restaurant, is the perfect spot for you. If you’re craving for something warm and nourishing, we highly recommend the Aozora Japanese Café + Bistro located at the roof deck.

La Finca : (Spanish) noun – a farm; an estate

La Finca offers a variety of salad creations which are both delectable and healthy. Most are culinary twists of the classics but all of them are delicious melange of high quality ingredients handled well from the farm to your table. Its signature salad is Ensalada La Finca which seasonal pako greens topped with cherry tomatoes, slices of salted egg, kesong puti and crispy pork adobo floss for added crunch and texture.

La Finca also offers familiar comfort food from around the world. Hot, chunky and appetizing — Fabada ala Finca and its version of Seafood Chowder are your best bet to start your meal. La Finca has a lot to offer, visit there site to found out more. Click here.

Contact: Butch Zaldarriaga

Mobile: +63-925-664-7914 | +63-917-564-7730

Email: lafinca_tagaytay@yahoo.com

Aozora (Blue Sky) – the place where your taste meets the sky

Aozora’s food is simply delicious, and its organic, prepared and cooked in authentic Japanese style and ingredients by its Japanese Chef, Seiji Kamura. Its signature dish – Aozora Ramen, enriched with Tagaytay’s favorite bulalo to give it such a unique and delightful taste. Then, it also offer one of the best maki selection, sashimi, katsu dishes, curry dishes, teriyaki, yakinaku, and a variety of rice toppings at reasonable price.

For the early birds, Aozora serve authentic as well as contemporary Japanese meals. If you are a breakfast person, its Omurice and coffee will surely be satisfying, and it is going to be the morning fresh air amidst the scenic view that will make it extra special. Visit their facebook page, click here.

Contact: Christine Arriola – Villongco

Mobile: +63-906-350-1704

Email: chitsarriola@yahoo.com.ph